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6 pieces AT89C51SND1C-TQFP80ROTIL




MPEG I/II-Layer 3 Hardwired Decoder

– Stand-alone MP3 Decoder

– 48, 44.1, 32, 24, 22.05, 16 kHz Sampling Frequency

– Separated Digital Volume Control on Left and Right Channels (Software Control

using 31 Steps)

– Bass, Medium, and Treble Control (31 Steps)

– Bass Boost Sound Effect

– Ancillary Data Extraction

– CRC Error and MPEG Frame Synchronization Indicators

Programmable Audio Output for Interfacing with Common Audio DAC

– PCM Format Compatible

– I2S Format Compatible

8-bit MCU C51 Core Based (FMAX = 20 MHz)

2304 Bytes of Internal RAM

64K Bytes of Code Memory

– AT89C51SND1C: Flash (100K Erase/Write Cycles)


4K Bytes of Boot Flash Memory (AT89C51SND1C)

– ISP: Download from USB (standard) or UART (option)

External Code Memory

– AT80C51SND1C: ROMless

USB Rev 1.1 Controller

– Full Speed Data Transmission

Built-in PLL

– MP3 Audio Clocks

– USB Clock

MultiMedia Card® Interface Compatibility

Atmel DataFlash® SPI Interface Compatibility

IDE/ATAPI Interface

2 Channels 10-bit ADC, 8 kHz (8-true bit)

– Battery Voltage Monitoring

– Voice Recording Controlled by Software

Up to 44 Bits of General-purpose I/Os

– 4-bit Interrupt Keyboard Port for a 4 x n Matrix

– SmartMedia® Software Interface

2 Standard 16-bit Timers/Counters

Hardware Watchdog Timer

Standard Full Duplex UART with Baud Rate Generator

Two Wire Master and Slave Modes Controller

SPI Master and Slave Modes Controller

Power Management

– Power-on Reset

– Software Programmable MCU Clock

– Idle Mode, Power-down Mode

Operating Conditions:

– 3V, ±10%, 25 mA Typical Operating at 25°C

– Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C


– TQFP80, BGA81, PLCC84 (Development Board)

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