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The Mercedes Player MP40 plays mp3 songs from memory cards and is fully controlled by your Mercedes Benz Radio or Navigation device. It operates like a system device by Mercedes Benz and is well- integrated in the overall operating concept. Connects to Mercedes Benz car radios and navigation systems through D2B fibre optic .


Mercedes Benz & smart

This applies to brands of Mercedes Benz A-class, C-class, E-class, S-class, M-class, SL, SLK, CL, CLK typically from model year 1996-2005. Furthermore some smart-models equipped with D2B Radio or Navigation devices provide connectivity for the Mercedes Player MP40, too .

Mercedes Benz Radios and Navigation Devices

The Mercedes Player MP40 is specifically developed for Mercedes Benz Radios and Navigation devices incorporating D2B Network connectivity. The Mercedes Player MP40 connects to the Radio and Navigation device per D2B optical fibre The most common devices are:

Audio 10 CC, Audio 10 CD, Audio 30 (Tel. Keypad), APS 30, SL, COMAND 2.0, COMAND 2.5, Navigation&Sound (smart)

Existing CD-changer (D2B) will be substituted with the mp3-playing MERCEDES PLAYER MP40. Existing  harness can be reused.

If no CD-changer (D2B) installed before you can purchase the reqired cables in our MERCEDES PLAYER shop. 

Easy and reliable Operation

Easy handling through steering wheel controls or direct access through the buttons on your Radio and Navigation device. Some 1000 Songs can be accessed on your memory cards.

Flexibility with several types of Memory Cards

The Mercedes Player MP40 plays mp3 songs from up to 4 memory cards. The most popular memory cards MMC, SD and Compact Flash can be used.

Go & Play

Insert a memory cards any time you want. Even when already operating the Mercedes Player MP40. Your mp3 collections are available instantly. Release the memory card from the Mercedes Player MP40 anytime you want and start using it in other devices like PC, Handy, PDA or mobile mp3-Player.

10...100...1000...10000 Songs

The capacity is nearly unlimited and is determined only by the storage capacity of your memory cards: SD, MMC and Compact Flash cards . They can be used in any mixed combination and be combined with different storage sizes, too, e.g.: 16 MB, 512 MB, 1GB, 8GB etc. - all known sizes.


The key CD or CDC, depending on the type of Radio or Navigation device, will activate the Mercedes Player MP40.

Information Display

The title number information is displayed in the same manor as of the CD-Changer, e.g. Title 89 is shown on the Radio or Navigation device display. Mercedes Benz cars equipped with the combined speedometer display can provide the title number right in front of your driving position, too. Furthermore the selected card will be displayed: CD1 (first card position), CD2, CD3 und CD4 (last card position).

Memory Card Selection

Radios or Navigation devices with keypad can directly select one of the 4 card positions CD1...CD4 by pressing the key 1...4. In all other Radios or Navigation devices one of the 4 cards can easily be selected by turning the right knob.

Title Selection

The left-right keys on your Radio or Navigation device let you step forward and backward through your song collection. Mercedes Benz cars with steering wheel controls allow sequential stepping, too.

Folder Organization

When the number of titles on a memory card exceeds a certain amount it is advisable to introduce folders and to group your songs accordingly to this folder structure. The Mercedes Player MP40 can automatically jump into the next folder when the end of the current folder is reached. You can command a forced jump to the next folder at any time when pressing the step forward button longer than usual. This provides you with the ability to find most songs immediately: 

Card Slots and what type of memory cards

  CD1 CD2 CD3 CD4  
CF Type 1     Standard Compact Flash Card (thin)
CF Type 2       Compact Flash Card (thick, rare)
Microdrive       Compact Flash Card (thick, rare) with HDD
SD     Secure Digital Card (standard stamp size)
SDHC     Secure Digital Card (standard stamp size) from 4 GB


use adapter

    Secure Digital Card mini sized

use adapter

    Secure Digital Card im mini sized from 4 GB

use adapter

    Secure Digital Card im micro sized

use adapter

    Secure Digital Card im micro sized from 4 GB
MMC     Multi Media Card (standard stamp size)

use adapter

    Multi Media Card im mini sized



Width 88 mm - Height 33 mm - Depth 78 mm




Cable and memory cards not included. Available here in this shop.

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