Mercedes Player MP40

Mercedes Player MP40


Say "Good-Bye CD".




Take advantage of the modern technology of memory flash cards. You can herar more music in your Mercedes Benz than ever before.

Substitute the CD-Changer (D2B) with the mp3-capable MERCEDES PLAYER MP40.

Radio-CD and Radio-Cassette of the AUDIO10, AUDIO30, APS30, COMAND2.0, COMAND 2.5 can be operated as usual.

Kurzbeschreibung - Quick Introduction

Short Introduction to MERCEDES PLAYER MP40

Download the Operation Manual


Memory Cards

Upto 4 memory flash cards - and always lots of music with you.

Use the advantage and reuse the memory flash cards of your Handy, PDA, mp3-Player und Digitalkamera in the Mercedes Player MP40.

Radio & Navi

In the years 1996-2005 Mercedes Benz cars and smart were deliveered with the first generation of Radios and Navigation devices equipped with an optical fibre cable connectivity of D2B type. For this environmenz the Mercedes-Player MP40 is the ideal mp3 extension. These Radios and Navigation devices have the appropriate connectivity.


Do you know already about the Advatages of the MERCEDES PLAYER MP40? This is not only about mp3 in your car.

This is about the advantage of Music Selection - space saving - comfort - ecology - economic advantage.

For an attractive price.

CD changer comparison

Why CD changer? Better take the new MERCEDES PLAYER MP40. Smaller, simple installation, versatile.

What car?

Mercedes Benz cars like A-class, C-class, E-class, S-class, M-class, SL, SLK, CL, CLK typically from 1996-2005. Plus some smart-models were equipped with D2B Radio/Navi.


Examples for fitting the Mercedes Player MP40 in the SLK (R170).


Examples for fitting the Mercedes Player MP40 in the E-class (W210/S210).


Examples for fitting the Mercedes Player MP40 in the SL (R230)